AMP Website Build

This is the start of my new AMP website. Advanced Mobile Pages is a new way to build websites that appears to be very user friendly, which is always good for your users.

Basically if you format your pages in a certain way, Google and other content distributors will archive a very quick version of your page. Speed is king and the search engines know it.

I am curious to see what changes are to come with this. Honestly I actually have to make the page slightly slower to implement this currently. I would love to know how not to make that happen.

Update after running AMP site for a while

I did end up getting this looking really good pagespeed wise. I set up a few sites just like this. I do see a little weirdness with placing Adsense ads. They want to jump to fullscreen no matter what because of the AMP stuff.

This site loads AMP pages only, but the css is giving you the responsiveness for it to look tight on Desktop as well. I so far have only one good play for ad placement. This is a mobile first design. I have a limitation there for Desktop. I will need to figure out a way to resolve that.