The Re-Opening Experiment (Coronavirus #lockdown over?)

So there is about to be an experiment happening with reopening and pulling back of the quarantines that we currently have going. I’m seeing a lot of chatter about Georgia who has decided to really dial it back started Friday April 24th with a little more roll out on Monday April 27, 2020.

This is interesting to me because you can certainly see there is a struggle from two sides about what to really do here. We saw protests this last week about the stay at home orders in a few different states. Michigan, my home state had some protests in Lansing that made national news. Not really in a good way unfortunately.

Gov Kemp held a press conference on 04/20 to roll out his reopening plan for Georgia.

Gov. Kemp says business like gyms, barbers and hair stylists will be allowed to reopen Friday, April 24th. Theaters, restaurants to follow Monday, April 27.

-Governor Brian Kemp

The chatter out in Twitter land is pretty much like, whoa… you sure you wanna do this?!…

The President has nothing but mixed messages going. He thinks it’s bad enough to stop immigration but starting a revolution against a Governor he doesn’t like sounds like a good idea.

Disregard the Tea Party crazies for a moment and I do really see both sides here. I see the struggle from people out of work. I see the lockdown kinda traumatizing everyone. The feeling of stress is in the air. The people I speak with that work here in Muskegon that are on the front lines for our community seem a lot more cautious than this Kemp order for Georgia seems to be.

Still though, I can see the pressure on Gov. Whitmer here in Michigan. She appears to be backing off the lockdown at least a little. Our schools are definitely done for the year. I’m not sure I see a whole lot of planning outside the next couple of weeks. I do see a lot of Tea Party crazies jumping up and thinking they are starting a revolution. (I kinda think they are revolting from critical thinking, but whateve).

This experiment will be measured and scrutinized

You can see by taking a look at the map where each state is sitting currently with Coronavirus cases. The only good numbers are a couple of the epicenters slowing down, but slightly better than yesterday isn’t anything to throw a party about.

Image from: NY Times Interactive Corona Virus US Cases

Georgia is going to be at the front of this reopening deal. It will be interesting to see how it effects their numbers. Some will always throw caution to the wind. Me? I’m trying to avoid the drama if possible.