231 Web Dev Rebuild

WordPress Website Rebuild

GeneratePress – pagespeed matters!

I ran through and did a full website rebuild of https://231webdev.com utilizing GeneratePress which is a nice theme that I came across recently. I’ve tried to get away from Divi which is a theme that I’ve used for years and recently started to not like.

Now more than ever I am focused on page speed. I did not like what I was seeing with Divi and had set out on a search for something new and light weight. GeneratePress is very nice and lean yet very customizable.

The premium version comes with a few bells and whistles. Not sure yet if I really needed them. I did build a WordPress ChildTheme on top of it and see what I can do with it in the long run.

I am excited to see which way it is all going to go in the near future. I am doing some experimenting here in this site to see the advantages of AMP pages and seeing if I can get this working with GeneratePress and the Amp plugin. We will see.

Give https://231webdev.com a visit and tell me what you think!