Clone Wars S7E9 – Old Friends Not Forgotten

Season 7 – Episode 9 of clone wars had some really great stuff for Ahsoka Tano

Clone Wars

This episode opens with nostalgia. This is the beginning of the Siege of Mandalor and part 1 of the last four episodes of the Clone Wars series. As the scene opens up in the beginning of the episode you are following Commander Cody in Battle after running through a handfull of scenes that show you that you are right at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith.

Anakin and Obi Wan go at the Droid Army along with Cody. Anakin plays a trick and draws out the Droid tech leader, once they destroy him the battle is easily won.

Obi Wan and Anakin get a message on a rebel frequency. They are very surprised to see Ahsoka and another Mandalorian (Lady Bo Katan) have information as to where Darth Maul is.

Anakin seems excited to see Ahsoka. Obi Wan seems cautious. Ahsoka tries to keep it professional. But you can see there are feelings all around.

Bo Katan and Ahsoka say they know where Darth Maul is. They want help from the Republic to take him down. Because of some treaties, Obi Wan says he will check with the council, but doesn’t seem real warm to it.

Ahsoka and Anakin have a moment. He goes on to show Ahsoka that Rex and his crew are all branded up for her. They show their respect in a very cool way.

Ahsoka's Clone Troopers
Commander Rex and Ahsoka

He also says that he has another surprise for her, and there is a little bit of a run around, but Anakin has brought her lightsabers. He gives them to her and she is definitely stoked.

In the middle of this though, the attack on Coruscant starts to happen. Obi Wan runs in and says they need to bounce to deal with that. He mentions Shaak ti going after Grievous, we all know where that is going. This causes an argument with Ahsoka. They do end up deciding to promote Rex to Commander so he can go assist Ahsoka to take down Darth Maul and liberate Mandalor.

Ahsoka getting her lightsabers back
Ahsoka gets lightsabers back

Ahsoka ends up saying goodbye to Anakain which I believe will be the last time she sees him. She takes off with rex for Mandalor and they end up under attack basically immediately when they come in.

Ahsoka Message
Mandalor Air battle

Ahsoka has a seriously sick scene as she jumps out of her ship with no jet pack and no parachute and takes down enemies and makes saves all the way down to the ground. Seriously one of the best Clone Wars scenes I have ever seen.

Ahsoka in the Air
Ahsok Tano super hero landing

The battle through the city is awesome. Blue and Red Mandalorians battling it out in every direction. Rex and Ahsoka get a message to head into some sort of tunnel. It’s obviously some sort of a trap. Pretty much all of the clones go down, and then…

Ahsoka seeing Darth Maul
Darth Maul