Clone Wars S7E10 – Phantom Apprentice

Part II – Opening scene picks up right where the last episode left off. Very cool opening with the sound, gets the blood pumping right away.

Ahsoka is surrounded. Darth Maul starts in on how he’s never heard of Ahsoka and that he is super disappointed that Obi Wan and Anakin didn’t show up. He seems to understand. He has apparently had some sort of vision that has made it more clear what Darth Sidious is actually up to.

His point of view is interesting, because you can tell he thinks Darth Sidious is super powerful and that he fears him. He also sees an opportunity to maybe take Anakin from him, through murder or other means. So, it’s like he wants to mess with him, but he knows he really doesn’t stand a chance against him.

Darth Maul and Ahsoka fight for a brief moment, but Darth Maul gets away and Ahsoka and some clones make chase. Ahsoka loses him. Next scene gets you back at command on Mandalore, Bo Katan is there as well as Rex and Obi Wan by hologram. Ahsoka mentions that Darth Maul said something about Darth Sidious. Obi Wan tells everyone that Darth Sidious is the Sith that has orchestrated this whole deal with the Clone Wars and that he has played both sides since the beginning.

Meeting on Mandalore with Ahsoka, Rex, Bo Katan and Obi Wan
Obi Wan Hologram

Obi Wan says that he first heard the name Darth Siddious from Count Dooku (when Obi Wan was captured in Attack of the Clones, Episode II) but that would no longer would help since Anakin just killed Dooku (Which happened in Revenge of the Sith – Episode III).

Obi Wan asks to speak with Ahsoka alone for a moment and tells Ahsoka of Anakin’s special assignment of keeping an eye on the Chancellor, so you are seeing more events play out from Episode III. Obi Wan asks Ahsoka to speak with Anakin because he can tell things have gone off the rails. Ahsoka is basically like “How am I supposed to speak with him on the council’s behalf. It’s not even possible”… There is an odd exchange right at the end. “Ahsoka says tell Anakin…” and Obi Wan says, “I will” and Ahsoka shoots him a side eye. I assume foreshadowing here.

Ahsoka hearing the story

Ahsoka gets back to the battle. They come upon a group of clones who had been ambushed. Ahsoka finds out Maul took Jesse, one of the older arch troopers to get info on Ahsoka, or in general, to draw her out.

Darth Maul threatens Jesse a bit. He lets on a little more about knowing the plan that is happening. Everyone else is just hearing about it from him, so they are like what the f…

Darth Maul does some force stuff pulling the info he needs from Jesse. The Mandalorians that are there are kind of grossed out by it, but whatever.

Rex, Ahsoka and Bo Katan go to the one Leader of Mandalore’s cell where he is in holding and ask what Maul’s plan is. The one red Mandalorian totally shoots him. They make chase. He tells Ahsoka about Maul’s vision, and how it is Skywalker that he is after.

Death of a leader

Bo Katan and the one red Mandalorian have a pretty good fight but he gets away. When he gets back he sees Darth Maul telling some Syndicate leaders to go into hiding because of what is about to go down.

Darth Maul takes this opportunity to say the galaxy is about to change and that we must grab what we can as the chaos ensues. He is using this as a rallying cry.

Bo and Rex and Ahsoka walk into their throne room and Darth Maul is there. Bo takes a few shots at him, but nothing phases him. The battle starts outside, Bo and Rex head out and the battle is chaos.

Darth Maul takes his stab here and attempts to get Ahsoka to join him to defeat Darth Sidious. She seems to play into it for a minute but him and Ahsoka are soon at each other’s throats. It is interesting to see Darth Maul does see the whole thing playing out. He tells Ahsoka that the Republic has already fallen, you just don’t see it yet.

Maul also tells Ahsoka that Anakin is Sidious’s new apprentice. She thinks it’s a lie, but Maul already knows Anakin is his.

Ahsoka, you lie!

Darth Maul says he orchestrated this whole thing just to get Anakin and Obi Wan here so that he could kill Anakin and deprive Sidious of his new pupil. Ahsoka definitely doesn’t believe any of this. She believes in Anakin. This is where their fight begins.

Ahsoka ready to fight

The fighting and the action here flipping back and forth between Ahsoka and Darth Maul and the Mandalorians fighting outside. Ahsoka ends up kicking Maul out of a window in a very cool way.

These scenes fight what I love about the Star Wars universe. There is a battle going on all around them and Ahsoka is chasing down Maul right through it all. It’s so awesome. The tide really starts to turn and the red Mandalorians call Maul for back-up and his response is epic. He’s like, no, I’m good. Die well Mandalorian.

Then, Ahsoka vs Maul in the rafters. Seriously epic lightsaber battle. Maul tries to run for his ship.

Ahsoka looses her lightsabers. She does this spin move on Darth Maul, takes his light saber and catches him with the force while he was falling. The clones and the Mandalorians tie Maul up.

And Ahsoka looks up at the sky through the hole in the roof and credits….

Ahsoka reflecting on what just happened